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Infectious Diseases : A new emerging war

It is not too late submit your abstracts based on the below tracks : Blood Borne InfectionDisinfection and SterilizationEbola Infection & ControlEmerging Infectious DiseasesFood and Water Borne InfectionGastrointestinal InfectionImmunization and VaccinationInfections during PregnancyInfectious Disease PathologyNosocomial InfectionsPaediatric Infectious DiseasesPersonal Hygiene PracticesSurgical InfectionsTrends in Infection Prevention and ControlVeterinary Infection ControlUrinary Tract Infection
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Track Announced : Recent Trends in Infection

Submit you abstracts to share your knowledge about infectious diseases and recent trends
We assure you that Infection Prevention 2019 will offer you the pleasant journey through your researches.
We are accepting the abstracts on all the areas related to Infectious diseases.
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Why to submit your abstracts to Infection Prevention 2019

As most of us know Infection Prevention is one of the important growing area and has many interesting areas to discuss.

Exposure: World Congress on Infection Prevention and Control will attract a diverse audience especially Epidemiology and Infectious disease researchers in and around the globe. 

Infection Prevention 2019 is the right choice for the researchers to share their research works to the entire globe amoung the best proffessionals across the globe.

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What is special in Infection Prevention 2019

World Congress on Infection Prevention and ControlWhat do we have ?Pulsus takes immense pleasure to invite everyone across the universe to participate in the "World Congress on Infection Prevention and Control" slated at Edinburgh, Scotland during September 18-19, 2019.
Our conference highlights include :
·Blood Borne Infection ·Disinfection and Sterilization ·Ebola Infection & Control ·Emerging Infectious Diseases ·Food and Water Borne Infection ·Gastrointestinal Infection ·Immunization and Vaccination ·Infections during Pregnancy ·Infectious Disease Pathology ·Nosocomial Infections ·Paediatric Infectious Diseases ·Personal Hygiene Practices ·Surgical Infections ·Trends in Infection Prevention and Control ·Veterinary Infection Control