Immunotherapy : Targets Emerging Infectious Diseases

Biologics and vaccines against Ebola, Zika, and Chikungunya at forefront of development Recent trends in the field of infectious diseases has emerged to the core and it became very essential for it to find the solution for them.
Infection Prevention 2019 will provide you the best idea to showcase your research work and commercialize your ideas to the professionals and delegates across the globe.
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Infection Prevention : Improves Care : Save Money

As we all know prevention is better than cure..

It is the job of the every infection prevention personal and the public to spread the awareness of infection prevention and control every day.

As we commonly know the new microbes and the new infectious diseases keep on emerging every day and they becomes highly questionable for the doctors to cure them.

so it is better to share your knowledge about infection prevention to the professionals across the globe.

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List of Parasitic Infectious Diseases!!!

Are you the one who need to know about parasitic Infectious Diseases ?
Herecomes the list of  infectious diseases.

African trypanosomiasisAmebiasisAscariasisBabesiosisChagas diseaseClonorchiasisCryptosporidiosisCysticercosisDiphyllobothriasisDracunculiasisEchinococcosisEnterobiasisFascioliasisFree-living amebic infectionGiardiasisLeishmaniasisMalaria
Wondering what is prion infection?

Here we give you the examples.

Alpers' syndromeBovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseFatal familial insomniaKuruTransmissible spongiform encephalopathyHerecomes the mostprevelant forms of viral infectious diseases ?

AIDSChickenpox (Varicella)Common coldCytomegalovirus infectionColorado tick feverDengue feverEbola hemorrhagic feverHand, foot, and mouth diseaseViral hepatitisHerpes simplexHuman papillomavirus (HPV) infectionsInfluenza (Flu)Lassa feverInfectious mononucleosisSevere acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Viral encephalitisViral pneumonia IF YOU ARE…

Infectious Diseases ? Interesting Facts !!

What are the obstacles in treating Infectious Diseases ? Emergence of new potentially dangerous bacteria, virus, and other parasites are the hindrance in treating the infectious diseases.
If an antigen has been already recognized by or body they may become resistant to the antibiotics.
Population crowding and easy travel may also be the reason for the rapid emerging of the infectious diseases

Prevention and treatment ?  ImmunizationPublic Health MeasuressurveillanceTreatmentHow to decrease the the spread of infection ? Wash your handsGet VaccinatedStay home when illPrepare food safetyDo not share personal itemsTravel wisely
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Recent Updates in keynote talks @ Infection Prevention 2019

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Call for Proposals : Infection Prevention 2019

Reasons to participate in the World Congress on Infection Prevention and Control,

The excellent oppurtunity to get access through the proffessionals across the globe and the best platform to have the knowlege in the field of infectious diseases.

Besdies the event at the one of the leading tourist place , Scotland...!

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Therapy : Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Are you interested in knowing about phototherapy ?

Phototherapy is a general photo-medicine used in the treatment of infectious diseases and diseases like cancer.

How does the phototherapy works ?

Generally in this method, the photosensitizers are activated and they destroy the tumor cells and the pathogens in the body by generating radical oxygen species.

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